shut the front door

seriously, because it's hideous.
i have never been so appalled by a door in all my life.

when we moved in, the door was peeling a bit for lack of a good stain/seal. 
and after three years of thinking, i really need to sand and stain the front door, and even buying the stain, i finally didn't do anything.  

every time i looked at it, it was worse and worse. 
and after power washing it the other day, i actually made it look even more hideous. 
didn't think that was possible. 

i thought what was left of the chipping stain would all come off easily. but it barely came off. 
i'll show you. but, brace yourself.

i think it's going to need some intense sanding and some hardcore paint. 
(i don't think a stain would ever cover it evenly).
also, can you see the botched trim job? 
imagine those lovely mitered corners (ha!) all throughout my house. 

thanks, previous owner. 

paint door
fix/replace doorbell
paint bench
new trim
powerwash patio

i didn't even know our patio was dirty until the powerwasher accidentally got away from me and i saw the color difference. so after hours of spraying, it went from greenish-black to the color of actual concrete. 

before                 &                   after

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