my $3.50 art project

so, my main living room wall has always bothered me. as of now, i have 3 cheapo matching floral art things. they're pretty, but generic. they're also brown (like the majority of my living room) which i have grown to hate and am trying to escape.

so. i'm thinking i will do a sort of art wall. like so:
 [image via here]

so , i headed to a thrift store and searching for gold frames and found this bad boy. a crappy monet print with pseudo triple matting(!) the frame is poorly made and plastic, but from afar--perfecto!
 so with my $3.50 framed art and some free paint chips from the home depot, i made some art.
i had to organize them gradient from light to dark and arranged them on the back of the monet. since it was white, it made a decent "mat."

end result:

eh? there is in one white crack between two of the paint chips, but i can't bring myself to reopen the back of the frame again.