house crashing: downtown

prepare ourself for a slew of pictures

thanks to my awesome nanny family, i got to stay in a fabulous house downtown before they moved back to california. the house was right up my alley--very new-meets-old craftsman style.

so without further adieu, the bentonville bungalow:

wouldn't you love coming home to this ever day?

(it's my dream door!)

the living room as you walk in the door (master to the right--but the baby was sleeping in there)

 dining/conference room (this area is known for its business folk who rent out places like this one)

both bedrooms had gorgeously updated bathrooms, too.

it's these little original elements that really got me. but..this kitchen:

 made me want to robin's-egg-blue my cabinets at home!

off the kitchen was a laundry room and a precious two piece bathroom.

beautiful, no? 
sorry for the picture quality. this house is rentable! just click here
(plus there are a-mah-zing photos)

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