ikea, por favor.

went back today to look at my house (my loan is finally underway) again today with my mom. i peeked inside all the windows and daydreamed about my future garden and gates my dad will make. i met a really sweet backyard neighbor named maria. fell in love all over again with my cute house and realized just how small my kitchen is, hah. i will only have like, four upper cabinets. hopefully i can make it work.

i just cannot wait to decorate and organize and buy, buy, buy. ikea trip sometime soon?!

still can't find that lilac-y fabric i have been looking for for my master bedroom headboard. i will keep looking. so many things to do by may 24th.


let's see..what's new?

Closing date: 05/14
I absolutely cannot wait.
Awesome news #2: the BF is moving in with me. Never thought that kind of thing was for me, but now that i am at this point..i have never been so excited.

As of right now, house/puppy-sitting the sister's house and loving her new laptop.

Predicament: I am wanting to do the new master bedroom in lilac/lavender. However, i can't find the headboard fabric i want anywhere. even the lady at m. grace said good luck and laughed a little. apparently arkansas isn't chic enough to have what i want so soon. maybe in three years we will see some 2010 trends.

hmm, we'll see?