my "five year plan"

my mind has been a wanderer lately. i've been dreaming of living in nyc. jerem's on board and it sounds like so. much. fun. it's something i've always wanted to do. but with all the excitement it makes me feel, the thought also makes me feel homesick.

i know we could do it. and i know we would like it. a lot. which kind of scares me because
what if i never wanna come back? 

most families live in separate states. you see your parents and sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews on christmas and thanksgiving. that sounds awful.

so i'm coming back down to earth and being happy where i am. 

and i'm making a plan. 

and i said to jeremy, "how about we live in this house..until we don't." 

aug 2014: J starts school check
dec 2014: finish nursing school check
jan/feb 2015: get a big girl job update: i got a job march 2015!!
jan/feb 2016: J graduates
feb/march 2016: J gets a job update: j got a job oct 2014!!
june 2016: v a c a t i o n - t o g e t h e r 
2018: buy/build forever house & make babies to put in it

for now-
  • save up money for forever house down payment.
  • all the while making this house our home one room at a time. 


fire pit!

this friday, the husband and i decided we wanted to build a fire pit. we had company on their way and figured it'd be a nice way to spend the night--outside, drinking, eating.
so we went to home depot and scoped out the materials we'd need. we picked up some sand, some rocks (i picked white marble because they were the prettiest), a whole lotta limestone concrete wall blocks (40, to be exact), and a wheelbarrow.

after loading them onto the cart. then into the truck. then out of the truck and into the backyard, we were ready to build. we laid out our pattern in home depot (10 per ring) so when we got home we laid ten out where we wanted. i used flour to mark the line around the blocks (with room for a perimeter of rocks) and jeremy got digging. 

step 2: rocks. 

step 3: sand
step 4: blocks. 
(we meticulously checked that each block was level and used more sand underneath 
to even them out)

 we've got some supplies to return and one more bag of marble rocks to buy to finish it up.

but we were cookin' (literally) within a couple of hours. 

seriously our favorite project yet.