some ideas.

1. lace yoke dress. grey. heritage 1981. $19.90
2. floral aplique slippers. lipstick red. gap. $19.99
3. thierry mugler perfume. alien. 0.5oz. $50
4. smashbox blush in "passion" $24
5. instyle magazine subscription. one year, $19.95
6. origins lip gloss in "caramel candy" $14.50
7. "third time's a charm" watch. $18
8. "the dreamer" flannel pajamas. pink/white stripe. victoria's secret. $39.50
9. "voila" cut out heel. taupe. forever21. $26.80
10. bdg wide metal toggle closure belt. urban outfitters online. $34

movie time.

in preparation of christmas, i have busted out my (rather large) collection of movies. i love me some christmas movies. good ones, kiddy ones and dorky ones.

the first one i watched this year:
THE FAMILY STONE i love this movie so much. j even watched it with me. and, i'm pretty sure he was tearing up, too. it is really sad and really sweet and hilarious. the cast is amazing (diane keaton, rachael mcadams, luke wilson, claire danes, dermot mulroney, criag t. nelson and you will love to hate s.j.p's character, Meredith.) if you haven't seen it already, you'll want to watch it every christmas.
the second movie i pulled out, i watched alone--only because this one, i could watch any day of the week:

not the best photo, but it is my favorite part of the whole film. the holiday is just a cute movie all around. this one also has a star-studded cast: cameron diaz, the beautiful kate winslet, jack black!, & jude law's character is absolutely precious.. it's two separate stories that come together into one and it takes place over christmas vacation, hence the name.
i've got a million more to watch before christmas. i'll keep you posted for some good ones.


just some random..

1. i think part of a best friend's job should be to clear your browsing history if you die.
2. nothing's worse than the moment in an argument when you realize you're wrong. (but you keep going)
3. i totally take back those times i didn't want to take a nap when i was little.
4. how the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet? (i myself go for the muff-roll)
5. was learning cursive really necessary? (when will kids just learn .."this is the keyboard..")
6. mapquest should just start at #5. i know how to get out of my neighborhood.
7. obituaries would be waayy more interesting if they told how the person died.
8. i can't remember the last time i wasn't just a little tired. this girl could nap at any moment.
9. it seems bad decisions=good stories
10. can we just all agree to ignore what ever technology comes after blu-ray? i don't want to start a new collection.
11. i'm always slightly terrified when i exit out of Word and it asks me if i want to save any changes to an essay i've written when i hadn't changed anything..
12. i keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so i know not to pick up when they call
13. i think my freezer deserves a light, too.
14. i wish tomtom had an "avoid this neighborhood at night" routing option
15. i have a hard time distinguishing "boredom" from "hunger"
16. how many times should you say "what?" before just smiling in nodding?
17. i like the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars scoots together to prevent one jerk from getting in.
18. shirts get dirty, underwear get dirty, but pants? the only reason to wash those is to shrink 'em back up a bit.
19. sometimes i'll look down at my watch 3 consecutive times and still not know what time it is.
20. i have difficulties finding my phone in my purse, my keys in my coat pocket, but never my alarm clock to hit the snooze. 3 feet away, 1.7 seconds, eyes closed. first time, every time.
21. the first testicular guard, the "cup" was used in hockey in 1874. the first helmet was used in 1974. prioritize, guys.


resolute to resolutions!

here i am, getting ahead of myself as usual. new year's eve is right around the corner bringing with it a night of promises to ourselves. i always choose one, but never stick to it. so this year, i've thought of four. maybe one will stick.

1. work out regularly
it's everyone's resolution, right? well, i bought P90X, and have yet to use it more than once. (p.s. it wore me out). along with excercising comes eating better. but let's face it, it's hard to eat well and feed two hungry boys.

2. rise 'n' shine at a proper time

i am the queen of getting out of bed at the crack of..noon. but, it's so refreshing and days are so much longer when i get up a little early. i shall aim for 6. i can see jeremy off in the mornings, drink some coffee, eat breakfast and get ready all before it's time to head to work. sigh.
3. contribute to my savings
enough said. i have one--it's zeroed out. now that j and i have grown-up jobs, we will have a little extra to put away! can you say, "vegas!" ?

4. let the creative juices flow
i used to paint. and draw. and scrapbook. and write. i feel like there isn't enough time in the day to wind down and do something brain-stimulating. so, even if it is just sitting on the couch and doodling or rearranging the living room or even blogging on a daily basis..i need to make some kelltime.


christmas song.

christmas is here! there is absolutely no doubt that this is the most exciting time of year.
put up my christmas tree, wreath, all kinds of decorations, even had the guys (yes, i have two now) put up lights outside! can you blame me? it's my first christmas in my new home! i've been busy christmas shopping and decorating, and my office is looking like a war zone. the floor's covered in paper and scissors, tape, and rafia. i'm thinking about changing it up a bit and putting stools on either side of my desk [it's really wide, and tall enough] and making a little crafty-wrap station.

this one's so cute!

my living room has such a pretty glow with the tree at night. and i love driving up to my house and seeing the babytree lit up in the front window! i may white-trash it up and keep those babies up all year!! ;) [my main tree's staying up til at least the beginning of february--it's too much work for 1 month, and way too pretty]
also, i came home last night and jared and jeremy had gone christmas crazy with some snowmen and colored lights on the entertainment center! ha! so precious. love it when guys can't even hide their christmas spirit.