living room update: new couch

it's crazy how much of a difference a new couch can make. we went from a tiny brown couch to a huge, grey sectional recently, and it has been a-mazing. 

let's recap.

this photo was only taken for craigslist
ugh. alright, that's enough. onto bigger, better things:

enter karl. our mammoth of a sofa. 

sorry for the lighting and angle, there's no way to photograph the whole thing nicely. 
but, man-oh-man, right? he's everything i've ever wanted in a couch. 
deep. enough to spoon. 
big. enough to lay on with jeremy and still, somehow, not touch. (and j's over 6' tall)
i have been on the couch with all 3 dogs at once and no one was touching the other! 
kinda swanky.

my living room photographs horribly, because the walls don't look much different. but they went from light taupe to a moody grey. and my mom sewed those ikat pillows for me from leftover curtain material!

(and disregard the lamp behind the couch..i'm searching for a replacement. 
it's nice, but it's never been our style).

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