medicine cabinet facelift

so, for awhile now i've been perusing the web for a medcine cabinet but they all seem to be ugly, white, dinky, and..oddly pricey. now, don't get me wrong, the system we've got going right now is swell..


anyway, if you know me, you know i love me some thrift store shoppin'! well, last week i found a medicine cabinet at a local secondhand shop and immediately sent a pic & called my mom for a second opinion. (i'm a terrible solo-shopper). she said yes, definitely! can you believe i need someone to give me the go ahead on a $10 purchase?!

can you believe this beaut was only $10!?
so i took her home and painted her black to match the hall bathroom and filled 'er up!

she looks right at home 


according to real simple these are the things you need in your medicine cabinet:
(i've crossed off what i already have)

acetaminophen (like tylenol)
cough medicine
throat lozenges
antihistamine (benadryl)
hydrocortisone cream
calamine lotion
eye drops (but i keep mine by my bed)
gauze, bandages, medical tape
antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide)
antibiotic ointment 
aloe vera gel (but we keep ours in the fridge)
antifungal cream


If you haven't noticed, I have added some pages to the ol' blog. So now you can go on a house tour (it's a work in progress), learn a little about me, see the never-ending list of little things we have done/want to do to our house, and finally see some wedding photos! 


the office

today, i went crazy on the ol' office. it had turned into a junk drawer of a room ever since my bridal shower in august!! there was stuff e-very-wh-ere! and the closet was out of control. and you're not getting any befores! use your imagination.

 here is the view, now, as you walk into the room. ah.

 we own a lot of books & movies.

and the view from my desk.

cute, right? i'm preparing for spring semester (which starts tomorrow!) j and i both need a place where we can shut the door and study.

 i even dressed up the back of the closet door with a frame my sister got me back in the day. and hung my paint swatch art between the window and the shelving my dad built. 

i've been on a mission to organize. i keep getting the urge randomly (like while the mr. was taking a shower one night, i de-cluttered under the kitchen sink) it feels like a weight's been lifted.


a letter to my 18 year old self.


you're doing fine. but, being your future (almost-twenty-three-year-old) self, i have some advice/notes.

1. go to class. in three years, you're going to realize you want to be a nurse and you'll have to retake..almost two whole semesters worth of classes. save your parents (and later, yourself) money and time. you're almost 23 now. you could actually be a nurse, but instead you're just now ready to apply to school as you're seeing all of your high school friends graduating with their bachelors.
but it's okay. you're fine. you know 100% what you want to be now.

2. do not move in with a roommate. it sounds like a good idea, but she steals and is shady and apparently your entire family hated her and thought you did drugs together.
it's okay, you didn't.

3. your friends are fine no matter what anyone thinks. you get grief from everyone around you about different people in your life but they're all really good friends (minus that roommate) and you're still friends with the ones who matter.

4.you buy a house in two years! weird, huh? it's really cute. but even now, you're still fixing it up and redecorating daily.

5. you're married! and it's to your best friend! you just broke up with him, remember? well, you'll "date" a few more people. it's necessary. and then you'll realize he is the best thing in the whole world and you'll get together again.
am i ruining all the surprises? sorry. he'll be on your mind for the next two years anyway, even if i didn't tell you this now.

6. it rains on your wedding day. but it is still somehow the most beautiful, amazing day of our life.

7. high school isn't "the time of your life," but you are really going to miss it. you see your best friends a couple of times a year now, and you've only been out of high school for five(ish) years.
--speaking of high school: do better! more money for school would be great! your loans don't even cover your books somehow.

8. your dog, madi, is the best roommate you could ever ask for. mom let's you take her to your apartment (which was super cute, by the way!!) and you've been best friends ever since.
take extra special care of her.


covering a modem: pinterest fail(?)

disclaimer: most pinterest projects are not as simple as they appear and may result in the destruction of your personal property. ;)

i recently received a new console table as a wedding shower gift (thank you katie!!) and i'm still in the process of filling out the shelves. they're just a tad shorter than the cute woven baskets i keep buying (and returning).


 the shelves house our modem and router. they're ugly, and i hate seeing the little green blinking lights.

i grabbed some books from the office that could work as covers to shield us from those unsightly bastards.

i chose two that looked decent together and cut out the inside. though they appeared to be big enough, i didn't realize both the modem and the router are wider toward the back. so it wouldn't work for them to lay on their sides (in their original spot) like i'd hoped.

 so, to the side of the tv they went!

and it ain't as simple as it look, folks. i had to add a regular, un-gutted book to push the sides in and use a lot of masking tape to..mask the hideousness of this project.

see what i mean? ugh.

 anyway, i guess it worked in the end. and i actually think it's kinda cute.