our wedding

i guess it's about time i shared some actual wedding photos, eh?

this girl married her best friend on october 6, 2012 in her grandparents' backyard.


the robe (with my new initials!) that the mr. got me as a wedding-day present. (not pictured are the boots and socks he got to open).

word of advice: don't forget to bring (or in my case, purchase) a nice, wooden hanger for your dress photos. the white plastic one ain't too pretty. ;)

flats were a must for me.  i may or may not have busted my butt when practicing in heels on that slopey lawn.  

jeremy and i wrote letters to each other on the day of.


my sister and i had a time painting the signs my dad made.

doesn't my grandpa's toolshed make a cute chapel? ;)

lots o' d.i.y.

i am in love with this picture. (and that jeremy looks pretty nervous).

you see what i mean?

if you'll notice, no one is sitting in the chairs we rented because it was raining!  eh.

i don't think he was, but it kinda looks like dad was gettin' a little misty.

sneak peek.


i don't think it get more picturesque than that.

close-ups of cute decorations.

definitely a must--it was cold!!

lemon,  chocolate, vanilla, & carrot cake cupcakes. yum!

so many things were d.i.y.'d. like this L, for instance--quickly painted the night before with the random bottle of perfect canary yellow my grandma just happened to have lying around.

my dad cut each of the tree centerpieces.

stuff like this, i never actually got to see because we ended up eating inside. cute nonetheless!

lights everywhere!

oh, did i forget to mention i married supermodel?

wearing long john's under their dresses. love. 

look at those lights! are we on a movie set? my dad is a-mazing!

we even wedding'd out the tiki torches!

been part of our family for almost ten years, but i love this picture because those are my people.

first toast: love my sister.

second toast: j's best man/childhood friend.

cake cutting.

and eating.

i love him.

and him! (can you believe this guy wasn't into the father-daughter dance?! guess he's where i get my shy side from).

oh yeah, the food! we had bbq for days!!

my famous chocolate-chip cookies were given as thank-you's.


it was cold, ya'll.

my (nanny)babies! they walked down the aisle with polkadot flags!


  1. Hi! I found you as one of my traffic sources but never saw a link so maybe it was just fate! Anyways, I adore your wedding (and wish I had relatives with backyards like that). It seemed so sweet and down to earth. Love the balloons in the pond!!

    1. hello!!! thank you so much for commenting! the wedding was memorable to say the least (what with the rain and crazy temperature drop and all). thank you for the compliments--it was a very special place and an awesome day!

      p.s. i l-o-v-e your blog (and instagram)

  2. Kelly, I was so, so, so happy to attend your wedding. Even with the cold and the rain it is one of the most wonderful weddings I've attended, second only to my own (and I'm partial). Your DIY touches were perfect and that floral headpiece. I can't get over it. You were gorgeous and it was perfect and I can see how happy you and J are.