new new everywhere.

at the moment, watching animal cops. in my new house!

i love it here, and finally feel like (somewhat of) an adult. my work schedule blows, so i dont get to really enjoy it until nighttime, but it is still nice.

thinking about getting a haircut, again. short short. but maybe not.


watch her water

i went to a two year old's birthday party tonight. ended up finding a babydoll stroller and a baby separately at a flea market for less than four dollars.

i also wrote a "five page" essay in one night with the help of my trusty sidekick.
just thought i'd say hello. still saving up for a rental house, but i am getting there.

oh, and i ate sushi twice today. the first time, spilling water all over j's pants. hot date.


drama, drama, drama.

tonight, i am with my boyfriend and his best friend with his girlfriend (and my future roommate, yay!) just hanging around, playing games and having a good time. then, drama breaks out. i just am completely against any and all sorts of drama. and this is the worst.

just trying to maintain a good night. tomorrow, it is off to clean the house.


bored ramblings.

i have a ridiculous amount of male (and female) celebrity crushes. they include but are not limited to the following:

ashton kutcher (douchebag? i think not), adam brody, adrien brody, leonardo dicaprio, emile hirsch, colin farrell, johnny depp, matt leblanc, justin timberlake, jude law, owen wilson, jim carrey, ben affleck (after seeing he's just not that into you), casey affleck, heath ledger, matthew perry, james mcavoy (swoon), jake gyllenhaal, josh hartnett, joaquin phoenix, gael garcia bernal, bradley cooper, ed westwick, keith urban, shia labeouf, marlon brando (circa 1951), zach braff, etc.

and let's not forget the girls. although fewer, they are equally gorgeous.
keira knightley, eva mendez, jessica biel, jennifer aniston, kate beckinsale, jami gertz (milf), natalie portman, alexa chung, emma watson, kristen bell, emily blunt!, rachel bilson (she's cute), kelly ripa, leah remini, whitney port, gwen stefani, leighton meester, blake lively, nicole richie, tori spelling.

i am aslo an incredible tv junkie. i may have to give up cable when i move into a house of my own so as to afford water, heat/air, and..food. i will miss you, televison.
friends; so you think you can dance; anything on hgtv about decorating, house-hunting, or rennovation; project runway; food network; america's next top model; american idol; tori and dean: home sweet hollywood; john and kate+8; gossip girl; lost; the office; family guy; the bachelor; still standing; gilmore girls!; arrested development; scrubs; meerkat manor; cash cab.

pathetic, right?

there is this..game/psychic-y/test thing you can do with a necklace chain to see how many kids you will have and wether they will be boys or girls. my sisters is boy-girl-boy. mine says nothing. no kids.
just take a chain from a necklace and let it sit in your outstretched palm. take one end and hold it up letting the other end hover over your palm. the chain will move in side-to-side (girl) motions or circular (boy) motions. when it stops moving and points straight down, you are done having kids.


longest day of my life.

i am obnoxiously excited to decorate an apartment of my own. i will go crazy if the walls are all white. so, i have to cover them.

i was online all day and found a new website/obsession, www.apartmenttherapy.com


i haven't even looked into finding a place yet.


summer heat

it has been incredibly hot outside lately. and no a/c in the car makes driving really pleasant.

i am so ready to get an apartment of my own. and, i have finally found a roommate! i want to go thrifting and antiquing. i wish there were more places around here to go, but we will make do.

i have decided to be healthier. spending today at the pool was torture to myself. i am going to get into better shape. i bought some weights a few months ago and have used them once. and, i am nixing the sodas. again.
i put together a collage of current obsessions (old, new, fleeting).