instagram teasers: spring has sprung

according to instagram, the laws house has been busy, busy. 
on monday, my mom and i went to lowes to grab some lumber for a console table project for behind the new couch that came last week! (more on that soon, i promise)

i am aiming toward something à la young house love


today, we bought a lawnmower! yay! we've burned through two hand-me-down mowers in the past, so this time we traded up for something a little beefier, shinier, and self-propelled-ier.

 ain't she a beaut? 
so we got down and dirty all day long today. weeding, mowing, sweeping, cleaning, heck--we even busted out dad's power washer to get the laws casa ready for a good, old-fashioned paint job!

spring has sprung! 
what are ya'll up to?

update: you can see the finished console table project here!

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