another day organized

i realize that these aren't the most entertaining posts, but, small as they are, they make a big difference. 
i am on a mission to organize (and throw out/donate everything i don't need) one space each day. 

here are the many places have been known to accumulate crap in my house:

1. junk drawers in kitchen
2. the kitchen table! (i did that yesterday, too)
3. "tupperware" drawer in kitchen
4."spice cabinet" in kitchen
before                   &                      after

5. mail sorter on fridge (cleaned it out this week)
5. decorative bins/boxes in the tv stand
6. entryway table drawers..all four
7. office table
8. office shelves
9. on top of washer and dryer (usually sheet sets)
10. guest bathroom drawers 

wowza, ten!!

maybe i'll tackle the office today since i have a bunch of homework to do.

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