"new" curtains

i have (once again) changed out my cornice board in the living room/kitchen. this particular cornice board once lived in my apartment and was a pretty green/brown fabric. once we moved into the house, it got another update and was a bold, cheerful floral. well, i'm at it again--only this time i used blue ikat shower curtains from clearance at bed bath and beyond!!

i snagged the shower curtain the second i saw it (i had a gift card from my bridal shower) and when i checked out, i asked if they had any others. since it was on clearance, the didn't, but they ordered it online and shipped a second to me for free!

so i had these two beautiful curtains and i knew they would live in my living room. 

i covered my original cornice board and got a second cornice board from my mom's attic. the curtains were from my apartment and i thought i was over them (they were in the donation pile in the garage), but i am so glad i still had them. i think they look awesome!

i also made a window cover for over the kitchen sink to tie it all together (and for privacy from one of the weirdest neighbors i've ever met).

better photos to come--and an entire living room reveal.

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