i am overly terrified of spiders. i am surprised i could even type the word "tarantula" into the search engine to finish this post. but i was thinking, irrational fear has to come from somewhere, right? i've never been harmed by one or even seen one (too close)besides petco..and i do that to freak myself out.

my two favorite movies when i was little (aka: still now that i am 21) were/are:

jungle 2 jungle
and home alone.
both involving two terrifying and disgustingly hairy tarantulas. sick, sick, sick.
come to think of it, my dad caught one out where we live (in the middle of nowhere) and scared me and my sister with it. then my dog tried eating it--leg by leg. i'm getting chills just thinking about it.

hair dare.

even though these are older photos, i am still envious of these girls' hairstyles. i don't have the guts (or really the want), but i am glad they did! they're all super cute.

selena gomez--perfect, love it!

katy perry--a bit bright but okay for her

rachel mcadams--loved it more in 2007/2008 (whenever it was) but still think it's cute



small "big" wish list

well, christmas is right around the corner..

1. 4 parsons chairs. not sure how i feel about leather, but i think it's the easiest to find around here. i'd be okay slip-covering some, like these from pier 1.

2. macintosh computer. i would be thrilled with an iMac or MacBook. my computer seems to finally be dead so i need a new one anyway. brace yourself, they start at $1,200!

3. camcorder. this is also what i wanted when i was twelve. can't promise i won't make any more britney spears music videos, though.

4. "power tower" this was my favorite workout in gym. using your body as the weight is awesome. i got pretty good at crunches and pull ups, too. didn't realize they were so cheap..i may go buy one.


the cinema

i've been going to the movies more than usual recently. here are my recent flicks:

crazy stupid love. would pay to see it over and over. (don't worry, i haven't) but it was perfectly chicky, but not too much..even j would appreciate it.

straw dogs. odd movie. i was confused by a lot of the characters. i surprised myself by drooling over alexander skarsgard.

drive. you'll notice 3/5 are starring ryan gosling. sigh. he was a badass in this movie and i was totally okay with him manhandling a woman. i'd take it.

footloose. remake. corny. i wasn't disappointed, because i wasn't expecting much. & who's this new kid kenny wormald and why haven't i seen him before?! he was very johhny depp-y.

the ides of march. i wasn't really impressed by this movie. i wanted a little more scandal, i guess. it wasn't bad but i wouldn't recommend it. also, political dummies like myself probably still don't understand the caesar reference in the title..what happens on the 15th of march?

happy? halloween

i am obsessed with october, but this year i am super bummed.
1. i have class halloween night so i can't hand out candy
2. the bf won't be home because he works nights
i work all day (which will be the highlight of my day because my nannyboy is 3 and is dressing up like a pumpkin!)

i'm so sad, i am not even going to decorate or carve pumpkins. what's the point?

i could leave candy out but that's just asking for one a**hole 14-year-old to take it all. no thanks.