longest day of my life.

i am obnoxiously excited to decorate an apartment of my own. i will go crazy if the walls are all white. so, i have to cover them.

i was online all day and found a new website/obsession,


i haven't even looked into finding a place yet.


summer heat

it has been incredibly hot outside lately. and no a/c in the car makes driving really pleasant.

i am so ready to get an apartment of my own. and, i have finally found a roommate! i want to go thrifting and antiquing. i wish there were more places around here to go, but we will make do.

i have decided to be healthier. spending today at the pool was torture to myself. i am going to get into better shape. i bought some weights a few months ago and have used them once. and, i am nixing the sodas. again.
i put together a collage of current obsessions (old, new, fleeting).