cheap sentimental art

my parents are moving into an apartment as part of their relocation to tulsa, and so mom is taking some of her decor that she so nicely let me use for the past few years. so, to replace some wall hangings, i decided to create my own cheap-o art. i already had a few (5!) blank canvases lying around so i decided to craft something simple and sentimental. 

first i printed out numbers that meant something to jeremy and me. (our wedding was october 6th). 

i cut out the numbers and traced them onto the canvases using a ruler for centering--although i eyeballed them for horizontal center. 

then i painted them with some acylic paint i had on hand. i only keep primary colors + white and black to make my own colors. for this project i went with blue and black to go with my dark blue entryway wall. 


mom's box wreaths:


i actually am really diggin' them. they mimic  the white in the beadboard & brighten up the wall.

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