taking off a sliding shower door

brace yourself. when young house love said it, i didn't think it was that bad. but when i took my master bathroom shower door off..whoa. 
every time we'd open the bathroom door, it would slam into the shower door, and standing in the shower felt a bit claustrophobic. i'd already tried to disguise the nasty thing with a shower curtain, remember? this time, i decided to take it a step further by removing the (glass?) doors by myself.  

 i took off the doors, removed four screws and some caulk with an exacto-knife and that was it...


gag! underneath the insert was this mess, & it took some major cleaning and scraping. it looked like a living creature. i'm glad i removed the doors because there was some definite mold growth goin' on under there. 

after = less cramped and less cheap looking

update: goodwill was happy to take the doors off my hands!

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