slow backyard progress

last time i checked, my backyard looked something like this. eek!

 but when i went to check on it a few minutes later..

those scraggly weeds turned into trees! we couldn't even see out the [only] living room window. 

so i bought a handsaw for about nine bucks and put some good old-fashioned elbow grease into it. 
in about 45 minutes (spread out across two afternoons--yowza, it was a workout!) 
i could see the house!!!

 and out the window!!

what a difference!! although, seeing the house means we can see how badly the house needs painting. uh-oh. but, that's okay. painting the exterior is next on our list!!!! i'm so excited! 
sidenote: when i painted those swatches next to our new yellow front door, i picked the dark grey and then threw away the swatch. so we've settled (again) on a grey. this time--a similar color called Dark Granite by Behr

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