carpet nix

avert your eyes.
we still aren't sure why we didn't get rid of the carpet altogether when we moved in. we did get them cleaned which took stains like these out. but they reappeared. the carpet was almost black. i just kept the lights off in the hallway, and there isn't any natural light in there, so it wasn't noticeable. plus i put a runner over the carpet. sheesh. 

my parents were spending some time at our house, and one bored afternoon we decided to take on a project. the first thing out of my mouth was RIP OUT THE CARPET!!  i've been wanting to do it for a couple of years now, but never really knew what i'd do with it once it was torn out. enter: dad-with-truck. so we got on it. 
 imagine my surprise when we pulled up the carpet and found tile (continuous from the main living area) underneath!! it actually took us a minute to realize what we were looking at, and then my mom and i gasped. 

 i have never been so happy to see tile i thought i hated!
here's mom working on pulling up tacks. 

before & after

tile, glorious tile!

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