backyard dreamin'

so, lately, this before-and-after has been haunting me (in the pleasant sort of way). it's all i can think about 

[image via here]

and it may or may not be my phone's lock screen:

i love it so much that it made me reconsider my dark exterior paint idea.
oddly enough jeremy didn't like the shutters. well, he'd better jump on that bandwagon quick, because that's my favorite part! ;)

well, get ready to have your socks knocked off because this is what we're workin' with:

eek!  but wait, there are plus sides. 
1. we are painting very soon.
2. that is not mold on the trim
3. it'll be a pretty drastic before-and-after no matter what we do
4. getting rid of the shrubbery will add light into the living room
5. we just cancelled directv last night, so that unsightly satellite can come down

also some down sides.
1.that plant in the corner is an amazing rose bush we inherited with the house :(
2. our roof looks a little ripple-y
3. there is a storage shed close to the end of the patio (& i'm not sure it can be moved)

so, i added this to the long list of house wishes. (i swear, every time i cross one off, i add three).

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  1. Anonymous3/25/2013

    This is Jared, your favorite brother in law. And I say we start this week when im up there! Aaaand the shed can definitely be moved!