[literal] house project

so, i went outside (on a grey, rainy day) and took a picture of the house to add to the house tour.
i mainly just needed a decent before picture, and this only gave me inspiration to update the outside. soon.

 eek! it's not that bad from afar. but close up, there's two-tone soffit (you know--some black, some white--the usual), rot, and rusty nail holes (the previous owners obviously hung their christmas lights up with nails) 
helpful tip: stainless steel, galvanized or aluminum nails should be used outside
anywho. i uploaded this photo and played around with colors. i am wanting a muted sandy-grey, but the colors that i envisioned on the app were too close to the grey/green already on the house. and i want a change. so i went with a dark grey/black just for the heck of it.


photo made using this tool
what i want in the end:
dark, sandy-grey exterior (including garage and brick on either side)
black shutters and  front door: 

updated doorknob and lock on door
garage door keypad
large silver house numbers

i think three colors are recommended for house exteriors. i am at two. i would like to have cedar shutters and cedar shake shingles on the gable. (eh, dad?) so, in the future, that would make three.

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  1. love the door. it is different than the one at Lowes it has two rows of windows. Will let in twice as much light.