living room rug dilemma

so, in the near future we are adopting a new couch. one that fits our too-big-oddly-shaped living room, and one that is large enough for two people to watch movies. 

rugs galore

but, i'm having bit of a rug dilemma. um. which one?!
i've been looking at these options (of course, the red/grey zigzag one which i've never seen until today is calling to me) online but am nervous. it's a big purchase. literally. 8'x10'.

i don't want it to be so loud that i can't change up curtains, pillows, etc. (this girl loves change).
but, i don't want it to be boing all-grey. or do i?

there are two things in the room that need to play nice with the new rug:

mainly, our ugly red/yellow/orange/brown/cream tile with dark grout. bleh.

and a blue garden stool. but hey, no one says i can't paint you.

1 comment:

  1. now with the change in the cornice boards and draperies I am going to say the dark blue rug would be my choice.