the elephant in the room..

if you know me, you know i love elephants. not in a weird they're-all-over-my-house/elephant-stuffed animals-on-the-bed kind of way. i think there is only one other in my house, and it sits inconspicuously on a book shelf in the office.
so, when i saw this little guy at a second-hand store for 25¢, well. he's at my house now, obviously.

 it's just a tiny terra-cotta elephant planter. what else? oddly enough, the second i saw him,
i knew exactly what his fate would be. i don't know why it took me so
long--he's been hiding behind a curtain on the kitchen windowsill for months. 
but last night, he got sprayed white and planted.
(i snagged a fake succulent from hobby lobby)

he is now a friendly greeting (although suffocating under a cloche) 
to anyone who walks in the front door. 

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