resolute to resolutions!

here i am, getting ahead of myself as usual. new year's eve is right around the corner bringing with it a night of promises to ourselves. i always choose one, but never stick to it. so this year, i've thought of four. maybe one will stick.

1. work out regularly
it's everyone's resolution, right? well, i bought P90X, and have yet to use it more than once. (p.s. it wore me out). along with excercising comes eating better. but let's face it, it's hard to eat well and feed two hungry boys.

2. rise 'n' shine at a proper time

i am the queen of getting out of bed at the crack of..noon. but, it's so refreshing and days are so much longer when i get up a little early. i shall aim for 6. i can see jeremy off in the mornings, drink some coffee, eat breakfast and get ready all before it's time to head to work. sigh.
3. contribute to my savings
enough said. i have one--it's zeroed out. now that j and i have grown-up jobs, we will have a little extra to put away! can you say, "vegas!" ?

4. let the creative juices flow
i used to paint. and draw. and scrapbook. and write. i feel like there isn't enough time in the day to wind down and do something brain-stimulating. so, even if it is just sitting on the couch and doodling or rearranging the living room or even blogging on a daily basis..i need to make some kelltime.

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