christmas song.

christmas is here! there is absolutely no doubt that this is the most exciting time of year.
put up my christmas tree, wreath, all kinds of decorations, even had the guys (yes, i have two now) put up lights outside! can you blame me? it's my first christmas in my new home! i've been busy christmas shopping and decorating, and my office is looking like a war zone. the floor's covered in paper and scissors, tape, and rafia. i'm thinking about changing it up a bit and putting stools on either side of my desk [it's really wide, and tall enough] and making a little crafty-wrap station.

this one's so cute!

my living room has such a pretty glow with the tree at night. and i love driving up to my house and seeing the babytree lit up in the front window! i may white-trash it up and keep those babies up all year!! ;) [my main tree's staying up til at least the beginning of february--it's too much work for 1 month, and way too pretty]
also, i came home last night and jared and jeremy had gone christmas crazy with some snowmen and colored lights on the entertainment center! ha! so precious. love it when guys can't even hide their christmas spirit.


  1. yeah you posted again!! you have got to stop "following" that stupid blog, its bringing your blog down. Love you.

  2. Anonymous12/17/2010

    your a bitch katie