movie time.

in preparation of christmas, i have busted out my (rather large) collection of movies. i love me some christmas movies. good ones, kiddy ones and dorky ones.

the first one i watched this year:
THE FAMILY STONE i love this movie so much. j even watched it with me. and, i'm pretty sure he was tearing up, too. it is really sad and really sweet and hilarious. the cast is amazing (diane keaton, rachael mcadams, luke wilson, claire danes, dermot mulroney, criag t. nelson and you will love to hate s.j.p's character, Meredith.) if you haven't seen it already, you'll want to watch it every christmas.
the second movie i pulled out, i watched alone--only because this one, i could watch any day of the week:

not the best photo, but it is my favorite part of the whole film. the holiday is just a cute movie all around. this one also has a star-studded cast: cameron diaz, the beautiful kate winslet, jack black!, & jude law's character is absolutely precious.. it's two separate stories that come together into one and it takes place over christmas vacation, hence the name.
i've got a million more to watch before christmas. i'll keep you posted for some good ones.

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