front door: paint update

remember how i was complaining about how ugly my front door is in this post

eek! well, i painted it valspar's summer gold in semi-gloss. and i'm lovin' it (or what i know it will look like surrounded by a sexy grey).

 right now, it's eh. plus, it has seriously taken over five coats and still could use more!! i powerwashed, sanded, washed, used a paint with built in primer, done multiple coats on multiple days but for some reason certain areas just won't take the paint! 

we also added some planters on each side (from my sister's old house) and i love 'em!

paint exterior grey
update trim 
paint bench (add pillow)
carriage detail on garage
lights flanking garage door
update peephole and handle/lock
for now: repaint shutters black
future: build cedar shutters
add cedar shake shingles (or cedar garage pergola)
update house numbers
remove another bush
solar lights

1 comment:

  1. Yellow paint is much better than plain wood itself. Yellow looks good, and it will look a lot better if you paint your walls with a different color. With a little more effort, you can transform your front door and make it a livelier one.

    -Roosevelt Franklin @ ClearChoiceWin