weird blank wall: master bedroom

i decided to create an homage to our wedding in our master bedroom. every night i would lay in bed and stare at this expansive empty wall. i always knew exactly what i wanted to put there. 

but first: i had to get married, and second: i had to go to ikea
(which just happened recently-ish when i went to california with the nannyfam!)

so i smuggled four 11x14 frames home in a suitcase and they didn't break or scratch or crack!

so, i put the frames up first. 

and i'll be honest, they sat like that for a few days while i kept putting off going to walmart to print photos. (the first wedding prints after five months of being married, jeez!)

and voilà!

the only place that can be completely about us 
(i didn't want to put family pics in the bedroom). 
i love it!

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