the office

today, i went crazy on the ol' office. it had turned into a junk drawer of a room ever since my bridal shower in august!! there was stuff e-very-wh-ere! and the closet was out of control. and you're not getting any befores! use your imagination.

 here is the view, now, as you walk into the room. ah.

 we own a lot of books & movies.

and the view from my desk.

cute, right? i'm preparing for spring semester (which starts tomorrow!) j and i both need a place where we can shut the door and study.

 i even dressed up the back of the closet door with a frame my sister got me back in the day. and hung my paint swatch art between the window and the shelving my dad built. 

i've been on a mission to organize. i keep getting the urge randomly (like while the mr. was taking a shower one night, i de-cluttered under the kitchen sink) it feels like a weight's been lifted.

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  1. Anonymous1/13/2013

    OMG! IT IS LIKE A FAIRY TALE! good job Kelly
    I am proud of you. What to tackle next? You know Anonymous is your mother right?