covering a modem: pinterest fail(?)

disclaimer: most pinterest projects are not as simple as they appear and may result in the destruction of your personal property. ;)

i recently received a new console table as a wedding shower gift (thank you katie!!) and i'm still in the process of filling out the shelves. they're just a tad shorter than the cute woven baskets i keep buying (and returning).


 the shelves house our modem and router. they're ugly, and i hate seeing the little green blinking lights.

i grabbed some books from the office that could work as covers to shield us from those unsightly bastards.

i chose two that looked decent together and cut out the inside. though they appeared to be big enough, i didn't realize both the modem and the router are wider toward the back. so it wouldn't work for them to lay on their sides (in their original spot) like i'd hoped.

 so, to the side of the tv they went!

and it ain't as simple as it look, folks. i had to add a regular, un-gutted book to push the sides in and use a lot of masking tape to..mask the hideousness of this project.

see what i mean? ugh.

 anyway, i guess it worked in the end. and i actually think it's kinda cute.

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