small "big" wish list

well, christmas is right around the corner..

1. 4 parsons chairs. not sure how i feel about leather, but i think it's the easiest to find around here. i'd be okay slip-covering some, like these from pier 1.

2. macintosh computer. i would be thrilled with an iMac or MacBook. my computer seems to finally be dead so i need a new one anyway. brace yourself, they start at $1,200!

3. camcorder. this is also what i wanted when i was twelve. can't promise i won't make any more britney spears music videos, though.

4. "power tower" this was my favorite workout in gym. using your body as the weight is awesome. i got pretty good at crunches and pull ups, too. didn't realize they were so cheap..i may go buy one.

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