the cinema

i've been going to the movies more than usual recently. here are my recent flicks:

crazy stupid love. would pay to see it over and over. (don't worry, i haven't) but it was perfectly chicky, but not too much..even j would appreciate it.

straw dogs. odd movie. i was confused by a lot of the characters. i surprised myself by drooling over alexander skarsgard.

drive. you'll notice 3/5 are starring ryan gosling. sigh. he was a badass in this movie and i was totally okay with him manhandling a woman. i'd take it.

footloose. remake. corny. i wasn't disappointed, because i wasn't expecting much. & who's this new kid kenny wormald and why haven't i seen him before?! he was very johhny depp-y.

the ides of march. i wasn't really impressed by this movie. i wanted a little more scandal, i guess. it wasn't bad but i wouldn't recommend it. also, political dummies like myself probably still don't understand the caesar reference in the title..what happens on the 15th of march?

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