my schedule is booked.

and now for the shows to watch:

raising hope.
a 25-year-old guy finds himself a single dad and has to learn to raise a baby with the help of his crazy family. (yeah, i'm sure it's super dorky. but it looks pretty funny)

new girl.
jessica (zooey deschanel)'s boyfriend breaks up with her--she turns into a hot mess, finds an apartment with 3 guys, and they try to fix her.

it's always sunny in philadelphia.
4 friends own an irish bar in philly. (i have seen a lot of this show, and it is pretty freakin' funny. plus, it made me love horrible bosses because charlie day is so stinking cute!)

pushing daisies.
a pie-maker helps solve murder mysteries with his secret talent--he can bring back the dead. (i've seen most of season 1--this show is precious. it's got a lot of color and whimsy! plus there's a catch to his power and you just gotta watch!)

comedy about a suburban mom/drug dealer. (i think it's a good show whether or not you smoke. i also think people assume you smoke because you watch the show)

parks and recreation.
basically the office meets smoky the bear. (i've had a lot of recommendations for this one!)

arrested development.
micheal bluth (jason bateman!) is the most level-headed of his family, and so takes over the family business when his father is imprisoned for embezzlement. (this show kills me! the characters are absolutely ridiculous. plus, there may be a movie coming soon)

up all night.
new parents. (this one is definitely funnier if you have kids, but i did laugh a lot when i watched the season premier. i'll watch more because i love will arnett--who's also in arrested development!)

breaking bad.
chemistry-genius-turned-chemistry-teacher learns he has terminal cancer and uses his expertise to leave his family a legacy. even if that means producing high-quality crystal meth. (i have seasons 1, 2 & 3 and now it's on netflix, wtf? it's really good.)

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