here goes my long, long list of things i would like for my house. ahem, home. (in no particular order)

1. i'd love to take out my shower insert and replace it with mosaic-y tile and a glass door. i'm sick of the cheap, dingy feel of the one i have now.

2. (fake) wood floors. my senile dog is getting the best of my already-kind-of-nasty carpet. just 3 rooms and the hallway need it. it'd make such a difference.

3. a glass storm door (with a screened window). my entryway could really use the natural light.

4. picture wall. now that my laundry room is glorious (i'll post later), the wallspace across from it could use some photos. plus, the new light fixture me and j put up would cast plenty of light on it.

5. spruce up my garage facade. maybe i'll add some carriage detail, and lights on either side would be (pricey, but) nice. painting my entire house exterior can be included in this one.

6. new washer and dryer pedestal(s) à la dad. i don't really like the ones that are sold by appliance companies and i really don't like the price of them. so, pretty sure we can com up with something cuter and more functional.

7. patio furniture. my backyard would be 10x cuter with some comfy seating. plus, our bbq's would be more enjoyable. (and, i think miles and remy would really appreciate some doggy digs.

8. a new oven + gas. (this one will never happen, but man is it gorgeo armani)

9. pay off my credit cards. this may have to come i can buy all of the above;)


  1. Anonymous9/30/2011

    Hey Kelly I really like your post. I think your house is coming along just fine. You have done a lot of things in a short time. I wish you had before and after pictures of your bedroom and kitchen and laundry room, and entry way. You've done a great job.

  2. Anonymous11/02/2011

    I love the washer dryer thing. It looks great just like that. the shower is beautiful...and the wall of pictures is doable now. We can do that when I get home. Can't wait. All your Christmas stuff out. It will be better than last year.