let's see..what's new?

Closing date: 05/14
I absolutely cannot wait.
Awesome news #2: the BF is moving in with me. Never thought that kind of thing was for me, but now that i am at this point..i have never been so excited.

As of right now, house/puppy-sitting the sister's house and loving her new laptop.

Predicament: I am wanting to do the new master bedroom in lilac/lavender. However, i can't find the headboard fabric i want anywhere. even the lady at m. grace said good luck and laughed a little. apparently arkansas isn't chic enough to have what i want so soon. maybe in three years we will see some 2010 trends.

hmm, we'll see?

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  1. Anonymous5/05/2010

    it is fun planing to move in with your BF. It will be fun setting up and making it yours. So much more fun than doing it alone.