ikea, por favor.

went back today to look at my house (my loan is finally underway) again today with my mom. i peeked inside all the windows and daydreamed about my future garden and gates my dad will make. i met a really sweet backyard neighbor named maria. fell in love all over again with my cute house and realized just how small my kitchen is, hah. i will only have like, four upper cabinets. hopefully i can make it work.

i just cannot wait to decorate and organize and buy, buy, buy. ikea trip sometime soon?!

still can't find that lilac-y fabric i have been looking for for my master bedroom headboard. i will keep looking. so many things to do by may 24th.


  1. i will take you to Ikea one weekend. If you can get off work?? We will "make it work"! can't wait to look at fabric tomorrow..

  2. Anonymous5/05/2010

    I want to go.. don't forget first the house then the decorating. garage door openers, sinks, lights, cabinets, so much not to mention paint and supply's, gutters, fencing, flowers.
    Take it slow. Have a ball. So happy for you.