our NEW fixer upper

i cannot believe we have a "house #2" now! it's been a whirlwind. and it's bittersweet saying goodbye to our first house, but we are so, very excited to call this new one home

here's a little tour [all pictures from mls listing]

here she is, in her macaroni & cheese glory! it's perfectly nestled in the woods, in a little neighborhood outside of town. hello, green trees! hello, glass storm door!! 
(we're thinking a nice white-ish/greige and maybe cedar shutters?)

when you walk in the front door, there isn't a real entryway, but there's a coat closet, beautiful stone fireplace, a little bay window action, lots of light, and laminate "wood" flooring.

through the living room (past the fireplace wall) is a little dining area. the door to the garage opens up here, and it is a walkway to the sunroom, so we will have to take extra care to not use our dining room table as a command center/dumping ground. a rectangular table with bench seating will help with the walkway. new light fixture, fa sho.

the dining "room" opens up to the kitchen. i have a vision of opening up the refrigerator wall into the living room for an open concept. there is a little passthrough into the sunroom (which i like, but would end up being covered by cabinets in "the vision"). buh-bye soffit, hello new everything!

and the sunroom! six windows surrounded by green trees! 
can't you just picture cozy, rainy movie nights in here?

a door from the sunroom leads to the deck--just enough space for a grill and some furniture. 
jeremy is very excited to drink coffee out here in the morning (i feel like everyone always says they'll do that, but never do..jeremy will probably prove me wrong). 
and, those sliding french doors are to the master bedroom!

all of the rooms in the house are so bright! our first house had only 6 windows! SIX! the new house has EIGHTEEN (including glass doors)! the only thing lacking in this house is master closet storage--and only because we were so spoiled by our first's walk-in closet. 
we'll be fine, we don't have a ton of clothes.

the master has a little bathroom that i have big plans for. 
not an upgrade, but maybe when i'm done with it..

next to the master is the room i may be most excited about 
(but that's hard to say, i'm so dang excited!) 
the laundry room!!! it has a window! and plenty of room for builtins! 
did i mention the window?

down the hall are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a linen closet. 
the carpeted bedroom is HUGE! and both bedrooms have massive walk-in closets. 

the bedroom with "wood" floors is what my mom is affectionately calling "the baby's room." (nope, not pregnant). what it lacks in space, it makes up for in cute reading nook! i'm a sucker for nooks. 

the main bathroom. i plan to subway tile the shower [to the ceiling], replace the floors, and paint the cabinetry. if money weren't an option, it would be gutted, but there's something to be said about the builtins around the mirror and the pullout hamper built into the vanity! heyo! random towel bars and candlestick light fixtures will go.

last but not least, our favorite part of the house: the basement!!! i feel like jeremy will never even come upstairs with the hangout we have planned down here! bye drop ceiling!

out the sliding doors is the beautiful, shady backyard! you can actually hear birds! 
and, it's fully fenced for my puppy girls.

one more thing: out the basement doors, is a little covered patio area that (once, it's a neutral color, and less velveeta) will be a really nice hangout. string lights? hammock?

stay tuned!

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  1. How beautiful! I think my favourite thing is that you're surrounded by trees. Super excited to see what you do with it. Also: Congratulations!! :)