getting ready to sell

i've made a list (gasp!) of things we need to check off in order to have a house that's ready to sell. i figure we have anywhere between 1-2 years left in this house. 
so! i'm trying to get rid of things daily, clean, and organize. i'm constantly looking at houses for sale (i think i should've been a realtor in another life)--i just like house dreaming.

My main area of concern is clutter, so:
    -master bedroom closet, side tables, armoire 
    -master bathroom vanity 
    -hallway linen closet
    -laundry room
    -main bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet
    -guest room closet, armoire
    -office desk, closet
    -entryway cabinet, closet
    -kitchen cabinets, drawers, counters, shelves, pantry
    -living room console, ottoman
    -backyard shed


#3 FIX:
  -add door knocker
  -replace back door handle 
  -paint trim around door to garage
  - paint tile in kitchen
  -replace front door handle(?)
  -touchup soffit paint 
  -fix splash area on front porch (add gutters)
  -remove shrubs (front and back)
  -stain mailbox post (and cement mailbox into ground)
  -overall yard work
  -touch up living room paint 
  -trim in main bathroom 
  -paint main bathroom vanity
  -replace main bathroom toilet paper holder
  -new counter in main bathroom(?)
  -re-caulk main bathroom sink
  -redo main bathroom mirror trim
  -baseboards (fix, clean, paint)
  -touch up grout paint in living room & kitchen
  -carpet hall + bedrooms 
  -fix closet bars/shelves
  -paint lower kitchen cabinets 
  -paint garage interior
  - fix up back patio area (new porch light?) (pavers?) (mulch?)

    -empty closets (x5)
    -remove armoire & extra table from master bedroom
    -remove jewelry case, record player, armoire & chest from guest bedroom
    -remove extra chair from office 
    -remove club chair, table, fireplace, albums/crate & pantry from living room
    -remove family photos from all rooms
    -take down floating shelves in dining room and put up large art
    -stage office shelves (globes & books only)

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