master bedroom inspiration

yes, of course i'm brainstorming. there is always a project in the works--even if it just ideas. i re-rearranged our master bedroom back to its first layout (it makes much more sense the way i had it in the beginning). i liked my bedroom for a hot minute when we first bought everything. i was really feelin' a lavender-white-silver bedroom. it seemed so spa like. but i am really regretting it. also-how did jeremy go along with such a girly room? poor guy. 

anyway, i'm ready to man it up. (with soft colors for femininity, of course). so, i've been pinning ideas for a new master bedroom look and came up with my favorites to try and see what the similarities were between them.
[links can be found on my pinterest board]

 i see blue walls, brown accents, and an upholstered headboard in our future 
(and maybe some pops of orange).
here are some fairly affordable fabric headboards that i'm fond of:

[headboards from target online]

rip up carpet
paint walls (blue? chocolate? beige?)
paint trim
replace headboard 
new curtains
new (or rehab an old) dresser 
framed art for over bed
side tables (matching?)
maybe add a rug?

this sounds expensive

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