project dilemma

i am adding way more than i am crossing off when it comes to the big list of the things i want to do to the house
for instance, i thought it would be nice to get a truck into our backyard for future projects (for hauling away, pulling out shrubs, carrying big loads of material) so a double gate would be nice on once side of the house. 
for mowing and watering the lawn, we've found that a gate on both sides of the house would be great. we chose where we wanted the existing gate, but i wish we would have put it on the other side for easier access. 
i'm having project withdrawals, so i am trying to think up a plan for when my parents get home. i've landed on either painting the exterior of the house or fixing our long, dark hallway. 

it is still up in the air. it's hot out, so an indoor project sounds more appealing. but what better time to paint than when it's [finally] not cold and rainy?
but of all the carpet in my house, the hallway's is the absolute worst. we had it cleaned when we moved in (we still don't know why we didn't get it replaced!) but over time, walking on it has brought the stains back out. it's gross. we don't walk on the carpet without slippers or socks. ugh. 

so the remedy for the hall would be laminate wood flooring :) and some bright, white board and batten to brighten it up. two new, bigger, brighter light fixtures are in the works as well. 

just typing about the hallway made me realize which project sounds more fun.

image via here

now if only my hallway could get that much light!


  1. Anonymous6/19/2013

    We have a scary dark hallway too! Luckily we are moving, but our hallways has literally been 25 feet (I kid you not) of dark. I ended up putting a small table with a lamp in the hall, but still. So dark!

    1. that is our issue!! i need an end-of-the-hall table lamp combo!