recovering old ottomans

in my efforts to rid the living room of brown, i decided to take on my first "upholstery" project. you see, i have two brown hassocks that i have had for..over five years. i don't even remember where we got them, but they were purchased for my (fifth!?) bedroom redo when i lived with my parents. 
let's just say their pseudo-microfiber fabric had seen better days.

i went to hobby lobby in search of some fabric that would blend with my soon-to-be calm grey/blue living room and couldn't find anything. but i had an idea, and went to a crafty aisle. 

i snagged 4 t-shirts for about $10 total (with coupons) and went home to try it out. 
and guess what? grey's totally their color and i correctly guessed that they wore an XL!

so, after some excited cutting, tucking, stapling and hammering, i had two beautiful, clean ottomans to go in my future anti-brown-couch living room.


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