recipe #1 (kell)

1 lb breaded okra
1 bag frozen corn
2 yellow squash
2 bags precooked chicken
1 green pepper
1 white onion
cooking oil (i use olive oil) 

first, fry the (pre-)breaded okra. (i made the whole bag, so i had to do two batches) when done, set aside (i threw everything into one big pot as it was finished).
step 2, dice your onion and bell pepper. and sauté. believe it or not, i wanted mine pretty browned. add to pot.
dice squash and sauté along with whole kernel corn. (this step didn't take as long as i thought it would because the squash was cut up fairly small). add to pot.
in greasy okra pan, warm the chicken (2-3 minutes). 
plop it into the pot and mix everything.
to be honest, Tony Chachere's "Original Creole Seasoning" is what makes this recipe out of this world.
it's basically an intensified seasoned salt. (it has onion powder, black pepper, red pepper, chili powder, salt, garlic powder) !! it's good on anything/everything.

 this was the delicioso outcome. 
holy cow was it good! we stuffed our faces and had enough for lunch the next day!
[we ate in the backyard because it was such a nice night. there's part of my dog, mr. miles]



  1. Anonymous5/13/2012

    making it tonight!!!

  2. I like that you post your meals. It is so fun and I have the recipe when I need it. Love seeing the food on the plate too.