obsessions, currently.

besides school (of course) my mind has been stuck on wedding details and nursing school. both of which are quite a ways away. i am going pinterest (for amazing wedding ideas) and youtube (for video blogs about nursing school) crazy!! lately, i have been an internet fiend!

my most recent obsessions:
  • the doxie scanner--hooks to/powered by your computer with one usb cord. scans documents straight into your computer. receipts, schedules, douments, etc!
  • stethoscope id tags--they're all over they clip onto your stethoscope so you know it's yours. the only bad part about this is choosing which one! (exciting note: mine could say kelly laws!!!!)
  • YHL--oh my gosh! i am 100% obsessed with this blog. i've started at the very beginning (400+ posts dating back in 2007) and worked my way forward. it's so fun! it's a husband and wife (both bloggers, so cool!) writing about their home improvement projects and diy ideas. it's exciting working my way forward because i know a baby works it's way into the family in a year or two. they're a precious family.
  • wedding gift idea, anyone? these rubber stamps from are so stinkin' cute! is it okay that i am loving the idea of seeing both jeremy and my name with l-a-w-s after it? such a dork, right?
  • draw something is an app that i cannot stop playing. it's basically pictionary on your handheld and you can play with anyone else who's got it. j and i had a pretty intense game (100 pictures guessed correctly!) it's super addictive and creative.
hope i didn't start any new addictions!--or maybe i hope i did :)

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